Sage & Gold Toner by Skincado

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A dreamy organic medicinal toner used to clean the skin of residual product and oil after cleansing. This powerful mist made with anti-inflammatory colloidal copper and anti-microbial colloidal silver soothes, hydrates and restores the skin’s natural pH. It is important to use a toner after cleansing because it ensures skin is completely clean of product which will prevent breakouts and optimize the use of your moisturizer. Simply spray onto an organic cotton pad and swipe face, neck + chest in an upward motion following the Aloe Foam, Blue Lavender, Pearl Mud or Wild Honey.

BONUS Can be used throughout the day on face to prevent irritation from wearing a mask. Also, when you are walking around in public, take a moment to spray around your head and enjoy a quick anti-bacterial spritz to sanitize your energy field.

Weight: 4oz.