Brand Spotlight: Neu Nomads

Meet Neu Nomads

Made By Women, For Women

From the founders to their factory workers to their customers, their mission at Neu Nomads is to empower their growing global collective of women. Their garments are produced in a family-owned factory in Delhi that maintains healthy working conditions, health care benefits and compensation far above the living wage. Their female designers celebrate women’s bodies and take an inclusive approach to fit and design.

They believe in simple, sustainable luxury at affordable prices.

That’s why every piece in their collection is made from organic, plant-derived fabrics and non-toxic dyes. It’s also why they work directly with a global team of suppliers who share their commitment to sustainability, transparency, fair wages and fair pricing. Because they think you shouldn’t have to sacrifice ethics and exceptional quality for ease and affordability.

The Next Generation Of Sustainable Fabrics 

 As part of their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of textile production, they are innovating new plant-derived fabrics.  Their fabrics are sourced from Lenzing a leader in renewable raw materials. They then treat the fabrics with non-toxic dyes in a state-of-the-art facility in Jaipur that runs on solar power and rain water purification technology.  Their dyes also have the globally recognized GOTS and OEKO certifications.

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